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“I just wanted to say that I received my home inspection report. It contained lots of information and issues about the house that I wasn’t aware of. I faxed it to the realtor and she even said that this was the most thorough home inspection report her office has ever seen. I want to thank you and the home inspector, Terence Kursawe, for excellent service. I will definitely recommend you guys if any one needs a home inspection.”

Thanks Again,
Courtney Morgan

“I’ve been meaning to write you to thank you and also Terrance for your assistance on my report on the property in Commack. I really appreciate Terrance speaking to my attorney in depth about his findings. Based on those issues and other Problems with the seller, I am not buying that home. Even though I’m not happy it didn’t work out, I am happy that I have your company looking out for my best interests. In the long run it is the best decision. Thanks again, and I’m sure you will be hearing from me (hopefully soon!) when I find a new house that I am considering.”

Mike P.

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing such a GREAT job with my home inspection! We LOVE the house, in spite of the water entry problem Terence found in the basement. Because of your great service, the homeowner is now going to lower the price of the house and I will get my own contractor to make the repairs – and then the house will be perfect!

I really appreciate everything your company has done for me and I will absolutely recommend you to all of my friends and family! Thanks again!”

~ Donna Walsh

“I thought you’d like to know that after you did the inspection for my client, the gas leaks he found were all repaired. A few days later, the homeowner fell asleep with something burning on the stove, which caused a fire in the kitchen. If the gas leaks weren’t found and corrected, this house may have blown and the homeowner may have been killed. Please let your inspector know that he probably saved this woman’s life.”

Martin Clarke, Attorney

“Thank you very much for doing my home inspection. We had been battling back and forth with the Sellers about the termite damage Terence found. Because of your quick, thorough, and professional service, we were able to come to an agreement on the repairs and we should have a closing date soon. I am very grateful for all the work Terence and Diane (in the office) did for me. This was the best experience I ever had with a service company. Thank you.”

Dave Montalvo

“Normally, when seeking professional services, I rely on personal referrals, however after visiting your highly informative web site, I felt comfortable in giving you a call… and I’m glad I did. The on-site inspection and subsequent report exceeded all of my expectations. I will not hesitate to refer or call again.”

~ Dr. Y. P.
Great Neck, NY

“It is a real pleasure to deal with someone who is an obvious expert in his field”

~ Mr. A. N.
Great Neck, NY

“I learned so much from the time we spent together and your detailed report. I will not hesitate to recommend you”

~ Mr. F. D.
Patchogue, NY

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